Now that the warmer weather has arrived and you’re cooking on the Kamado Joe more often, we thought we would compile some hacks that other Kamado Joe users swear by, to make the most of your summer BBQing!


  1. When using harder-to-clean ingredients like cheese, putting wax paper over a pizza stone will prevent you from having to take the time to do a high-heat burn off.Image result for kamado joe pizza stone
  2. Want to try something different? Grill a sandwich by wrapping a brick (or similar weight noncombustible) in aluminum foil and place it on top of your sandwich to press it down!20140811-grilling-hacks-brick-press-joshua-bousel.jpg
  3. When you store your Kamado Joe at the end of the summer, some customers put a  block of wood in the lid to stop gaskets from touching and freezing together.
  4. Instead of putting meat right on the rack, try cooking over fruits (Salmon laid on top orange, as an example) to add extra flavour and make less mess.
  5. Want to spice up your BBQ sauce quickly but don’t want to have several BBQ sauces open in the fridge? Add hot sauce, paprika, pineapple juice, apple cider vinegar or other similar ingredients to store bought BBQ sauce to add some kick!

  6. Clean your grill with an aluminum foil or an onion!

  7. Unsure of how much propane is left in your tank? Pour hot water down the side of the tank, then feel the tank from bottom to top. Once it turns warm, that’s where the propane level is.

  8. Push an indent into the middle of your burger to keep it from rising. Then place an ice cube in the indentation to keep it from drying out.
  9. An alternative to the ice cube hack is to spray apple juice directly on the meat. Not only will it keep meat tender, but also adds an apple flavour to the mix!

  10. Poach sausages before grilling to remove unwanted fat and ensure it cooks evenly.
  11. Make a tent-like shape out of a piece of aluminum foil and put it ontop of your meat to keep it form drying out.

  12. Still saving up for a Kamado Joe Charcoal BBQ and using up your propane BBQ? Get that smoker.
    19. Another way to make a smoker.


Feel free to share some of your tips, tricks and hacks below!


Happy Grilling!

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