Valor L2 Linear Series Propane Fireplace

A bold statement in any living space, the L2 is luxury fireplace design at its finest. Inspired by the highly successful L1 series, the L2 boasts an impressive 50” linear viewing area highlights magnificent flames within. Beautiful radiance on both high flame and low glowing embers, the L2 combines Valor efficiency and heat performance with the latest in contemporary styling.

Linear Series Brochure- L2

L2 Manual

Heat Shift Brochure

Heat Shift Manual


The glass window dimensions of the L2 Series (1700) measure 46.375″w x 13″h for a total of 602.88 inches².

Model Gas Type Fuel Bed Style Input (BTU/HR) Output Max
High Low
1700IN NG Log/Glass 36,000 19,000 25,916
1700IP LPG Log/Glass 34,000 21,000 25,347