Nordica Etna 2000

  • Contemporary door available in gold, silver, and black
  • Horizontal moulding for façade edges available in gold and silver
  • Self-cleaning ceramic glass


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Recommended surface (with forced air outtake kit)   500 TO 2,000 ft2
BTU capacity,
depending on cord of firewood
50,000 BTU
Emissions, EPA average 5.7 g/h
Optimum efficiency 71%
Door opening dimensions (height) 113/8 in
Door opening dimensions (width) 21 in
Firebox dimensions (width) 203/4 in
Firebox dimensions (depth) 16 in
Firebox dimensions (height) 16 in
Firebox volume (without andirons) 2.6 ft3
Glass surface 21 in X 111/2 in
Type of door Single, steel frame
Maximum log length 16 in
Chimney diameter 6 in OR WITH 6 in
Type of glass Ceramic glass
External air inlet (diameter) 311/16 in
Warranty Limited life warranty


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