Having an issue with your propane fireplace?

No matter how good your fireplace is, like a car or any other man-made appliance, it still requires a bit of TLC by the owner! Try out these troubleshooting/basic owner maintenance tips before you call for help.

Know Your Fireplace

1) Know your fireplace brand name and model number. Every fireplace is different. If you are unsure of how to locate it, click here and refer to the first point of a previous blog post we wrote.

2) If you do not currently have a physical copy of your owner’s manual, you should be able to find it online by simply googling brand name + model number + the word “manual”.
(EX: Valor 534JP manual)


Blaze King Clarity 26

Things to Consider


1) Change batteries in the remote – Best practice is every year to avoid battery acid leaks and corrosion.

2) If there are batteries in the remote, then there are batteries in your fireplace! Refer to your fireplace manual to find out where the batteries are located. All batteries should be replaced at the same time.

3) Recently replaced all batteries? Make sure they’re placed correctly. It is also worth trying another set of batteries, in case there is an issue with the particular batteries you are using.

4) Fireplaces are powerful machines! Only use good quality batteries, like Energizer and Duracell. Make sure they’re all the same brand.


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Propane Tank

1) Not sure if you have propane?

    • Check the gauge on the top of your tank.
    • If you cannot find the gauge, pour hot water over the side of the tank. Feel tank from top to bottom; wherever the tank is cold, is where the propane is.
    • Call propane provider.

2)  Recently have tank filled? Make sure they didn’t forget to turn your tank back on after filling it. This happens quite often. When in doubt, turn it off and turn it back on again.

3) Recently have your tank filled? Sometimes dirt can get in the line as they are filling up the tank. Light the fireplace a few more times until the line is clear. How many times you need to light it depends on how far away your tank and fireplace are from one another (AKA length of propane line). The further it is, the more you’ll have to do it.

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1) Abnormally high winds? No matter what fireplace you have, a big gust of wind blowing towards your vent can knock out your flame. Give it a few minutes and try relighting.

2) Abnormally high winds on the vent-side of your house are a normal occurrence? Consider investing in a wind guard for your vent. Recommended if this happens often.

3) Snowing outside? Ensure there’s no snow/ice build-up in your vent. Turning the fireplace on low as a storm starts can help prevent/prolong this issue from occurring.


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These are just some basic things to take into consideration, should you notice something a-typical about your propane fireplace. Even if you think your issue is unrelated to any of the following, it’s worth trying all of these tips before calling for help.

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