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A comment that I hear from many first-time buyers is that they didn’t realize how many options they had, or they didn’t know what kind of information they would need to know about their space before they start looking for a fireplace.

With the peak of fireplace shopping season around the corner, this article outlines 5 key questions to consider before starting your propane fireplace shopping adventure!

1) Why Are You Buying a Fireplace?

There are 2 kinds of propane fireplaces on the market; fireplaces built purely for aesthetic reasons and home- heater grade fireplaces.

At Atlantic Fireplaces, we only invest in the most effective and reliable home heater- grade product lines; Aesthetics are important to us as well but we only provide home heating units that are built to get families through the unique and harsh Newfoundland Winter conditions, as well as power outages.

Pro Tip- Finding out where a product line is geographically located is a big indicator of whether it’s aesthetic or home- heating grade. If it was made somewhere with a warmer climate, like California, the target market is likely those looking for aesthetic. Product lines made in more northern locations need to withstand the climate they’re being produced in, at the very least.

It is also worth noting what purpose your fireplace will serve; Is it going to be a primary or secondary source of heat? Do you want a fireplace that’ll distribute heat, even in power outages? Were you looking to lower your overall home heating bill? Are you looking to add a little flare or ambiance to your home? It’s important that your product consultant understands WHY you are interested in propane.

2) What Kind of Unit is Most Suitable?

Zero Clearance Fireplace- You want your fireplace inserted into a cabinet mantle OR into a wall; either by building the wall inwards or creating a bump-out on the outside of your house, then framing the fireplace within it.

Fireplace Insert- You have a brick chimney once used for wood/coal burning and liners are used to convert the home heating to propane.

Wall Mount- The unit is mounted onto the wall; no preliminary framework required.

Freestanding- Looks similar to a freestanding wood stove but uses propane; no preliminary framework required.

3) Where is the Best Place to Install a Fireplace in a House?

             Installing your fireplace directly out of an exterior wall is the most cost effective and highly recommended method for customers.

Venting upwards is sometimes the only option for people but it requires quite a bit more in materials and may be a bit more invasive, depending on if the venting has to go through several floors and what items are on the floors directly above the fireplace

For example, if there is a closet directly above the fireplace on the next floor, that’s easily concealable; you’d just lose a little bit of closet space. However, if there’s a bathtub on the floor directly above, the venting can’t go through a bathtub.

Know the square footage of the room you are installing the fireplace in and whether or not your area is considered open concept. No matter how beautiful a fireplace is, if produces to much heat for the room it is installed in, you won’t be able to enjoy it.

No job is impossible so if you think that the look you would like to achieve is not easily attainable, Atlantic Fireplaces has over 35 years of experience in some of the province’s hardest jobs. We will ask the right questions and we also offer free site visits to determine just how we can install a unit for you, if deemed necessary.

 4) What Kind of Look are You Trying to Achieve?

             Now that you have figured where to install the fireplace, your best bet is to take photos of the area or to bring along your blue prints to support your vision. Visual aids further help a product consultant point you in the direction of a fireplace built specifically for your needs.  It also cuts down on the amount of explaining you’d have to do. Visual aids also let us pick up on potential bottlenecks in the installation process; things an untrained eye wouldn’t pick up on.

If you are stumped on the final look, our showroom is set up to show different options people have to finish their fireplaces. We continuously update our showroom look to match what is most in demand, but also offer unique niche items. A simple walk around our showroom may draw some inspiration!

Pinterest is a handy inspiration-tool as well.  If you see a photo of the kind of finished look you’re going for, provide us with that as well and we will let you know how close you can get to achieving that look in your own space.

5) What Kind of Budget do you have in Mind?

             Atlantic Fireplaces, as an example, has five showrooms -worth of product, with diverse product lines at all conceivable price points. The last thing a product consultant would want to do is make you fall in love with a product that is way too far out of your price range.

Atlantic Fireplaces has competitive financing options to consider, as well as free layaway. We understand that home building is a long process and sometimes renovations can have delays; our free layaway service means that the inventory is available to you at the moment in which you need it, but it also protects you from any potential manufacturing price increases between now and when you would want to install. To get free layaway, all we’d need is a small down payment. We also realize the importance of flexibility in this process, so we ensure that we have enough inventory to accommodate most last minute aesthetic changes.


To further aid you in the process of buying your first propane fireplace, we have created a first time buyers’ checklist to fill out. Should you need further explanation of any of the components of this checklist, please refer back to this article OR call us at 709-364-1378.


Additionally, you can download a PDF version of the First Time Buyers’ Guide by clicking here.

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  • Looking for secondary heating source

    • Atlantic Fireplaces
      August 29, 2017 8:20 AM

      Hi Ron, congrats on taking the first step in picking the perfect secondary heating source! We’ve sent you an email and look forward to your response.

  • I have a 60 year old 2 story duplex home in Goose Bay. I would like to install on an outside wall. I would like to use this as a secondary heat source for my home in the event of power outages. Although it would be ideal to heat the whole house (25 x 25 x 2 floors plus basement) realistically I need something that will keep pipes from freezing and can keep us warm enough to stay in our home in the event of a pwer outage in the winter.

  • Hi Guys, wondering about your thoughts on Vent-Free Gas/propane free standing fireplaces. Do you think they are safe, and do you carry those products. tks

    • Atlantic Fireplaces
      January 18, 2018 8:39 AM

      Hi Larry, thanks for reaching out! Vent- free fireplaces cannot be installed in NL but please feel free to reach out if you have any questions about direct vent- I’ve also sent you an email with some recommendations. 🙂 Have a great day.


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