Does Your Fireplace Look Like the “Before” Photo Below?

If so, did you know that we are the only fireplace provider in Newfoundland that has propane and wood burning units to fit this space?

It’s true! With a little masonry adjustment and TLC, we can get your old, condemned coal burner efficiently heating your home with propane or wood in no time!
Here’s How:

1. If You Want Propane

You have a wide selection of aesthetic choices but we would need to get particular information from you (listed at the end of this post) and may require a site visit to tell you which of the following looks would most be compatible with your space:


Valor Portrait Windsor Arch – Chrome


Valor Portrait Windsor Arch – Black


Valor Portrait Clearview


Valor Portrait President


Valor Portrait Bolero


Valor Portrait Ledgeview – Available in Black, Brushed Nickel and Bronze


Valor Portrait Ledge- Available in Black, Brushed Nickel and Patina


Valor Portrait Classic Arch


Valor Portrait Senator


With each of these looks, you also have the following aesthetic options:

  1. Fuel bed: Traditional logs, coals, driftwood or beach rocks.
  2. Background Liner: Red brick, matte fluted black or reflective glass background.


What Else Makes These Propane Units Special?

  • Valor is the oldest propane fireplace company in the world and actually invented the direct vent propane fireplace. Starting in Britain in the 1800’s, the Portrait Series is actually modelled after and designed specifically for the old coal burners people built in homes just like yours! Valor is now Canadian.
  • It’s the only propane insert on the market today that can create and move heat with absolutely no electrical reliance (No Power? No Problem!)
  • No standing pilot. Any time a propane fireplace has a standing pilot, it burns 1-2 litres of propane a day. Therefore, if there’s 100 days within the Winter season that you don’t turn on your fireplace, that’s 100 litres of propane saved, versus owning a propane a standing pilot.
  • It’s a P4 Energuide rating, meaning you are burning propane most efficiently.
  • Every Valor fireplace comes with a thermostatic remote that allows you to do high/low turndown, 2 timers in the day, 2 timers in the night, as well as a thermostatic mode (allows you to set room temperature).

Recently Completed Local Propane Conversion Job



2. If You Want Wood Burning

We’d require a site visit to determine this, but we have installed the following wood burning units:

Morso 1410 with Short Legs (Also Available with Longer Legs)


Morso 1440

1410 1440




Firebox size

0.736 cu ft

0.736 cu ft

(W x H x D)

16 x 28 x 15

18 x 29 x 15

 Log Size





 Heats Up To


1000 sq ft

1000 sq ft


What Else Makes These Wood Burning Units Special?

  • Morso are a niche Scandinavian product that is imported in from Denmark.
  • Like Valor (the propane option for coal burners), Morso began engineering their products in the 1800’s.
  • They’ve preserved the integrity of their original classic cast iron design but also have some nicer contemporary looks, that would work in non-masonary unit settings.
  • Known for superior efficiencies (Both EPA and European standards, which tend to be more stringent than North America).
  • Our on-staff installer is WETT Certified, which is required for wood burning and your home insurance.

Most coal burner spaces require the Morso to sit on the outside (Please note this is not our installation job and this particular photo does not show sufficient floor protection)

3. Information We Need From You to Proceed

  • Dimensions: Height, Depth and Width.
    • Note: Width tends to tapers as it goes towards the back so be sure to take a front and back width measurement!
  • Floor to ceiling photo, directly in front of fireplace opening.
  • Photo of top of chimney, or provide address if easily viewable on Google Street View
  • Feel free to visit our Contact page, to provide us this information. We will get back to you within 1-2 business days.

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  • Hi-just read the above article but noticed that for wood burning they seem to be stand alone units outside of existing old coal fireplace? The reason I asked was that I had thought of looking into getting a wood burning unit but it seemed at the time (a few years back) there are no units that would fit into an old coal style fireplace(correct?)…just curious. I will wait for a reply before measuring my existing unit (again)…I also know from a mason friend that when i inquire a few years back there seems to be a iron bar across the top opening that would need to be removed. Hence why i declined at the time as that plus costs and no existing wood burning unit would fit….fred

    • Atlantic Fireplaces
      March 5, 2018 10:31 AM

      Hello Fred, depending on how long ago you looked into this, we may not have had the particular product at that point. 🙂 The Morso we show in this post is a stand-alone woodstove and we have installed it in the old coal fireplaces several times with no issue! After I send this reply, I’ll be sure to send you a quick email so we can proceed with seeing if this is a viable option for your space. If you’re in the metro area, we can also drop in and confirm the details (no cost for site visit).

      If we can’t make the wood burning work, please note that the propane options are still available and Valors actually produce/move the same kind of heat as a wood stove, based on their patented heat exchange/valve system. It’s definitely worth dropping in and checking out both, as they’re both unique but reliable options for your situation. 🙂 Looking forward to hearing from you, Fred! – Atlantic Fireplaces.


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