Your propane fireplace is a continuing investment! It’s a part of your home’s more permanent structure and it increases your home’s overall value. It is what keeps your family warm in the coldest parts of Winter and it is often the focal point of a room. Plus, your insurance company and the environment LOVE you for having a cleaner and safer- burning fuel source!

Whether you spend $3000 or $30,000, like any major appliance, if you do not have the fireplace cleaned and inspected atleast bi-annually, your unit will become more inefficient, causing you to burn through more propane, put more emissions into the atmosphere and will lead to a quicker deterioration of fireplace components.


But My Fireplace Looks Clean and Works Fine!

Your fireplace may look clean at first glance but most of debris loiters in other areas of the firebox; not just on the glass.

  • Dirt can run through propane lines upon tank refill and get clogged into the pilot, causing less heat output.
  • Wires could start to fray in places you would never notice, without removing the glass.
  • If they’re not ceramic, logs can sometimes deteriorate after many years of constant firing and no cleaning, which also sometimes makes them stick to the liners.
  • Something as simple as bumping up against your fireplace could cause something to pop slightly out of place, which could cause some sort of wearing-down over time.
  • Chipped or scratched glass can actually become a safety hazard, if not tended to.
  • There may be a recall on a component that you did not know about, that someone who sells the product would know about.
  • Propane will eventually leave faint residue on the glass over time.
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Kozy Heat Oakport 18 Freestanding Propane Stove

How Do I Clean Those Components?

Remove your fireplace’s front trim and refer to your owners’ manual on how to dismantle the glass. Every fireplace is different. If you are wary of doing so, Atlantic Fireplaces has cleaning and service appointments available.

We recommend leaving the rest to a professional, for your peace of mind.

Do not use generic or ammonia- based products like Windex on your fireplace glass; only cleaners specifically made for fireplace glass.


What if I Don’t Get My Fireplace Professionally Cleaned?

Someone may very well go ten years without a cleaning and inspection, yet still have no issues. If so, that’s great! But that isn’t the norm. And if that is the case, then they are likely paying a higher propane bill than they need to, as consequence.

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Valor Horizon with a Clearview Front and Rock Bed


Best Practices

Most propane fireplaces have a comprehensive parts warranty, where specific parts are covered for different periods of time. I always recommend booking a cleaning and service appointment, either just before the first warranty end date approaches or about a year and a half after purchasing the fireplace. A year and a half is enough time to see how the fireplace genuinely runs and handles all components in maximum performance.

From there, continue having it serviced on a bi-annual basis for best fuel economy.

Fall and Winter tend to be very busy when it comes to cleaning and service appointments. We recommend getting your fireplace cleaned in the spring or summer. That way, you’ve cleaned it right before or after a busy-season of fireplace usage. Since Spring and Summer are not normally times someone would think to get a fireplace cleaned, there’s more appointment flexibility and sometimes there are discounts on service appointments, due to the time of year.

While you have to pay for a service appointment, you may be saving much more money in the long run by catching and replacing those smaller parts, while it’s still free under warranty.

Read up on your warranty and make sure you know when the cut-off dates are!


How Do I Go About Booking an Appointment?

Save your wallet, save the earth! Feel free to call us and book an appointment for your service and cleaning at any time. We’re open Monday through Saturday, 8am-5pm. Our phone number is 709-364-1378.

In the busier season, we only have availability for cleaning and servicing units we sell but  as busy season slows down, we open up availability to every kind of fireplace!


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  • I really appreciate you helping me learn more about the importance of a professionally cleaned propane fireplace. I did find your list so helpful particularly when you mentioned that Propane will eventually leave faint residue on the glass over time. I absolutely agree that we must leave this task to a professional contractor to ensure a quality result.


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